In an interview with Capital Tonight, Gov. Rick Perry repeated his suggestion that some form of tax relief could come out of the legislature this session, and went into more detail about what the end result might look like.

“During the last year, as I’ve talked about implementing a budget compact, I talked about specifically putting into place a permanent exemption from the business tax for small businesses. Those businesses that are a million dollars or less in receipts,” Gov. Perry said.

The governor made a brief mention of tax relief on the 83rd Legislature’s opening day, but he hadn’t named specific plans until now. The call for lower taxes comes just three days after a new report from the State Comptroller’s office, predicting 12.4 percent more money will be available for this session’s budget than for the last one.

But the rosier numbers won’t necessarily mean a full restoration of education cuts.

“Listen, the state’s growing,” the governor said. “I think anybody that says we’re not going to put any more money into education, that’s just false on it’s face. But the idea that we’re going to stand here today before we’ve even had one hearing — to say ‘Oh, we’re going to restore full funding.” There may be some people out there saying that, but I will suggest to you that they don’t know how this process works, and frankly, they’re being irresponsible.”

You can see an extended interview with the Governor tonight at 7 on Capital Tonight.