Planned Parenthood is resuming its fight to be included in the Texas Woman’s Health Program.  Attorneys are back in court today to ask a judge to issue an injunction, clearing the way for Planned Parenthood to receive state funding.

Planned Parenthood was cut out of the program on January 1.  At issue is state law banning clinics affiliated with abortion providers from receiving taxpayer money – even if the clinics themselves do not provide abortions.  As a result of the state’s so-called ‘affiliate ban rule,’ Texas lost federal funding for women’s health care.  Instead, the state is moving forward with its own self-funded program.

Planned Parenthood sued, claiming the new rule violates state and federal law and discriminates against health care providers.

Last month, a Travis County District Judge turned down Planned Parenthood’s request for a temporary restraining order; clearing the way for the Health and Human Services Commission to cut off funding.  Today, Planned Parenthood is asking for a permanent injunction banning the state from excluding it from the program until a trial can be held.