“It is my pleasure to report that the state of our State is stronger than ever,” Gov. Rick Perry said Tuesday. What came after will be subject to debate throughout the 83rd legislative session.

In his seventh State of the State address, Gov. Perry told a packed House chamber that Texas is doing something right. He called on lawmakers to continue along a fiscally conservative path, spending only what the state has in its piggy bank.

“We’re in a position today to put our financial house in order, and it’s time to do so,” Perry said.

Apart from budgeting matters, the governor touched on education, infrastructure and the possibility of tax relief. 


Rep. Dawnna Dukes was one of several Democrats who responded immediately after the governor’s speech. She mostly took issue with Perry’s repeated refusal to expand Medicaid.

“Under Medicaid expansion, 1.8 [million] additional Texans of the 5.8 million who are uninsured in Texas would have an opportunity to be on health insurance,” Rep. Dukes said. “Texas has the highest rate of uninsured in the nation.”


Political strategists Harold Cook and Ted Delisi also had something to say about the day’s events. Hear their analysis and watch the full episode by clicking on the link below.