It’s still too early to pass any laws, but a crucial part of the legislative process can now begin. Thursday, House Speaker Joe Straus released the official list of committee assignments.

In addition to the state’s 38 standing committees, three new groups were formed. Among them is one that will focus on transparency. Rep. Dan Flynn was selected to co-chair the committee on Transparency in State Agency Operations.

“It’s going to be very simple,” Rep. Flynn said. “We want good public policy. Give us an opportunity to look at agencies and investigate some of the issues that come down that might look questionable.”


On the Senate side, committee assignments are important as well. Sen. Kel Seliger sits on several of them, including the finance, education and open government. He is also chairman of the Senate Higher Education Committee. Sen. Seliger visited the Capital Tonight studio to talk about some of those issues, as well as his Senate Bill 225, which would change requirements for high school graduation.


Also in the show, we heard from political strategists Harold Cook and Ted Delisi. Click the link below to hear their take on the day’s committee assignments and more.