Californians stuck in traffic might hear Gov. Rick Perry’s voice coming through their car speakers this week. In a new radio ad, Perry is pitching Texas as a great place to start a business.

The :30 second spot is being played on six radio stations in cities like San Francisco, Sacramento and Los Angeles. It invites California companies to ditch the Golden State for the Lone Star State by promising low taxes and fewer regulations.

The commercial was paid for by TexasOne, which is a public-private marketing company that promotes Texas as an ideal place for business. Perry launched the organization as part of the Texas Economic Development Corporation in 2003.

You can listen to the ad, here. The full text is below:

“Building a business is tough, but I hear building a business in California is next to impossible. With California’s cost of business at 6.3 percent above the national average and Texas’ at 4.6 percent below, I believe it.

Now with the passage of prop 30, which increases California’s already excessive income and sales tax, while Texas maintains no state income tax and a low business tax burden – businesses are moving to Texas.

Being named the Best State for Doing Business eight years running isn’t easy, but when you provide an economic climate that stimulates innovation and not a crippling regulatory environment that stifles business, people notice.

Zero state income tax, low overall tax burden, sensible regulations and fair legal system are just the things Texas offers to get your business moving. So come to Texas – where Business Moves.”

Welcome to Texas,

Governor Rick Perry