Flanked by lawmakers from both the House and Senate Thursday morning, State Comptroller Susan Combs announced her vision for a more transparent Texas.

Senate Bills 13 and 14, along with their House counterparts, would provide taxpayers with more information about publicly held debt and more details about the investments of state pension administrators.

Sen. Tommy Williams and Rep. Jim Pitts filed the bills dealing with government spending and debt. Among other things, they would require school districts to post information online detailing what facilities they currently have, along with the construction costs of any new buildings or updates. The bills also aim to limit the ability of local entities to issue certificates of obligation, or COs, to pay for projects in lieu of voter-approved bonds.

The other bills, filed by Sen. Robert Duncan and Rep. Bill Callegari, call for public pension details to be posted online.

“In particular, in some cases we’re having difficulty in both the general public and cities obtaining information from their pension board about their particular pensions,” Rep. Callegari said. “We’ve got to know what’s happening so that both the legislature and the people who have to pay for those pensions understand better what they’re confronted with.”

Susan Combs came on the show Thursday to talk more about the newly filed bills, along with other statewide issues.

Sen. Patrick’s rising profile

Fresh off a major victory in the Senate and two high-profile TV appearances, Sen. Dan Patrick visited the Capital Tonight studio to talk about school finance, testing standards and more. He also spoke about the recent controversy over CSCOPE, an online curriculum management tool for teachers.

Click the image below to see Sen. Patrick’s full interview, along with analysis from political strategists Harold Cook and Ted Delisi.