In honor of Valentine’s Day, Rep. Lon Burnam is looking to overturn Texas’ ban on same-sex marriage. He filed the Freedom to Marry bill, today.

Burnam’s bill would give same-sex couples the right to marry and would recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states.  HB 1300 would also go a step farther by guaranteeing legal rights such as property, child custody, and state employees and worker’s compensation benefits.

“This is a civil rights issue, an economic justice issue and a family values issue,” said Rep. Burnam. “This is not just about the word ‘marriage;’ it is about extending vital legal protections to Texas families that suffer from living in a state where others’ bigotry puts their families at risk.”

Several other democrats, including Austin Reps. Donna Howard and Mark Strama, have signed on as co-authors. Several other similar constiutional amendments have already been filed in both the House and Senate.

The bills have little chance of passing the Republican-controlled legislature. If they did succeed, voters would still have to vote to remove the state’s constitutional ban on gay marriage.

 You can see Rep. Burnam’s video release on the proposal, below: