State Board of Education Chair Barbara Cargill has chosen a committee that will oversee changes to a controversial teaching tool known as CSCOPE.

The committee includes four SBOE members: Republicans Marty Rowley, Pat Hardy and Tom Maynard, as well as Democrat Mavis Knight. Three members of the CSCOPE governing board will also serve on the committee. According to a message on the Texas Education Agency website, the committee’s job is to appoint review panels made up of teachers, parents and “curriculum specialists” to examine lesson plans available through CSCOPE. The panels would also include “business professionals and other stakeholders.”

The move follows months of discussion, a Senate hearing and at least two TV appearances by Senator Dan Patrick drawing attention to CSCOPE. Conservative groups have accused the program of being anti-American, based on lesson plans that teach students about Islam and Socialism. The program’s governing board has responded to the complaints, saying both were part of larger lessons on religion and forms of government.

CSCOPE was formed through an agreement by 19 regional education service centers representing school districts across the state. It was meant to provide teachers with a way to create lesson plans that comply with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards. According to CSCOPE, more than 70 percent of school districts now use the program.