The path toward public education reform

A proposal to reduce the number of tests needed to graduate in Texas came up before the Senate Education Committee Tuesday. It would reduce the number of tests from 15 to four or five. Some teachers fear the change could jeopardize education standards.

Beverage distributors and craft brewers reached an agreement on a proposed bill that would allow smaller breweries to sell their beer directly to customers in some cases.


Fracking in Texas

Railroad Commissioner David Porter sat down with Paul Brown to discuss the benefits of fracking to the Texas economy. A study on the Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas was released by the Texas Railroad Commission.


The Eagle Ford Shale Task Force Report looks at the economic benefits of fracking, the infrastructure needed and the Railroad Commission’s regulations on the industry.

For the full interview, click the video below.


Capital Commentators

Harold Cook and Ted Delisi sat down with Paul Brown to discuss George P. Bush’s announcement that he’s running for land commissioner next year. They also discussed election laws and a poll recently conducted by the Texas Tribune and the University of Texas