Endless Amendments

As of 9 p.m. Thursday, House lawmakers were still busy debating the state’s budget bill.
The $193.8 billion package would fund the state’s finances over the next two-year budget cycle.

Although it lays out a spending plan for the future, much of the debate involved revisiting the cuts made last go-round.  


Grading Education Reform

As a native Texan with more than 30 years of educational experience, Round Rock ISD Superintendent Jesús Chávez could be better suited than anyone to evaluate this session’s education proposals. We spoke to him about funding needs, graduation requirements and more. 


Possible Pocket Veto

It’s a bill filed in the Senate that aims to ban employer discrimination based on sexual orientation. Yesterday, a veteran of the Iraq war testified in favor of it, but no one testified in person against.

Now, the bill remains in committee, and some believe it could stay there in spite of public support. Chuck Smith of Equality Texas spoke about what the bill does and responds to its detractors.