The Senate Finance Committee has approved a plan that would use $6 billion from the state’s Economic Stabilization (or “Rainy Day”) Fund to pay for water and transportation infrastructure, but only if voters approve it through a constitutional amendment.

Sen. Tommy Williams introduced the plan Thursday morning. It earmarks $2.5 billion for water projects and $3.5 billion to improve Texas highways. The money would go toward two separate funds, one of which has already been approved by House lawmakers to address the state’s water needs. Until now, no such proposal dealing with transportation has gained much momentum.

The proposal is the largest withdrawal from the Rainy Day Fund introduced this session. The fund balance is expected to grow to nearly $12 billion over the next two years if left unspent.

The plan would also allow lawmakers to skirt the state’s constitutional spending cap, which is set at 10.71 percent for the next two-year budget.