Proponents for legalized gambling in Texas had the full attention of a Senate committee Wednesday.

Senator John Carona lead the hearing on Senate Joint Resolution 64. It would put a constitutional amendment before voters to authorize the creation of a Texas Gaming Commission. It would also allow casinos to operate within certain areas of the state and legalize slot machines at horse and greyhound racing tracks.

Senator Carona says he’s seeing more support for the idea among fellow Republicans.

“I just don’t believe there are that many conscientious objectors here in the legislature. I think that the objection we do still face in some corners comes strictly for political consideration,” Sen. Carona said. “Because ultimately people know that they and only they have the real decision of whether they go into a casino or not. I mean nobody is taking that away.”

Most of the testimony before the committee came from supporters of legalized gambling, including the Texas Association of Business and casino operators. One voice of dissent came from Rob Kohler, a consultant for the Texas Baptists’ Christian Life Commission.

“There’s a lot of different reasons why you wouldn’t want casinos right here in the heart of Austin, and so there’s a lot of things we consider when this type of thing is proposed to the state,” Kohler said.

The resolution remains in committee.