Texas Rep. Peter King (R-Weatherford) is renewing his call for Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg’s resignation. Lehmberg is currently serving jail time after pleading to drunk driving charges earlier this month. Police documents show her blood alcohol limit was nearly three times the legal limit. Video footage taken at the time of Lehmberg’s arrest shows she was combative and uncooperative while in custody. Lehmberg has said she intends to continue as district attorney when she has served her time.

The case has the attention of state lawmakers because the Travis County DA is also responsible for running the Public Integrity Unit. That is the office in charge of investigating government corruption and ethics complaints.

Rep. King adressed the issue on the floor, Friday, calling for Lehmberg to step down. Today, he renewed that call, saying “Anyone can make a mistake, but the belligerence Ms. Lehmberg showed to the police officers and jail personnel was extraordinary. The public should go on-line and review these recordings.”

Not everyone agrees that Lehmberg should lose her job. More than 100 local attorneys, calling themselves “Friends of Rosemary,” signed on to a brief supporting Lehmberg’s decision to stay on as the county’s chief prosecutor.