Demanding Answers

It was two weeks ago that a massive fertilizer plant explosion forever changed the small city of West, Texas. The fire and the subsequent blast have raised questions about safety and state regulations. Wednesday, lawmakers looked for answers to some of those questions during a Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee meeting. 


Saving CPRIT

The Cancer Prevention and Research Agency has taken a lot of heat this session, but there’s one group standing by the agency’s goals and touting the good work it has done. Grant recipients who benefited the most from the state’s cancer fighting agency defended it Wednesday at a House committee hearing dealing with CPRIT overhaul. 


Technical Tactics

Few people know what a point of order is, but it can be used to kill even the biggest bill, including a measure to fund the state’s water prevention plan that died on the House floor Monday.

We spoke to former Democratic State Senator Hector Uribe and Former Republican State Representative Aaron Peña about the art of the technicality. 



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