Despite what most considered a major budget breakthrough last night, Rep. Sylvester Turner says he’s not happy with an amendment placed on the Senate version of HB 1025.

The bill is one of the cornerstones of the larger budget deal. It approves dipping $2 billion into the Rainy Day Fund for water projects and sets aside $200 million for education. That $200 million, however, is tied to another House bill calling for tax relief in the form of electricity bill rebates to low income families.

Turner said the House never agreed to that provision and is encouraging House members to vote against the bill if the provision is not stripped in conference committee. In a statement, Rep. Turner said:

The only reason the $200 million was not placed in the main appropriations bill was because Senator Williams unilaterally chose to place it in HB 1025.  Now we know why.  This is neither transparent nor consistent with the purpose for which this fund was created. On behalf of the people of my district, I will not vote for HB 1025 as long as we are asked to trade dollars intended  for poor Texans for tax breaks. I encourage other members of the House to do the same.

In response to Rep. Turner’s statement, a spokesperson said Sen. Williams’ only comment was “Is that right?” Sen. Williams will be a guest on Capital Tonight this evening. Hopefully we will get more clarity on what exactly that statement means when we talk to him, later today.