Updated to include Senate appointments

A key component to a final budget deal is now headed to conference committee. House lawmakers who will serve on that committee include:

  • Rep. Jim Pitts – (R) House Appropriations Committee Chair
  • Rep. John Otto – (R) Dayton
  • Rep. Drew Darby – (R) San Angelo
  • Rep. Trey Martinez Fisher – (D) San Antonio
  • Rep. Rene Olivera – (D) Brownsville
This evening, the Senate announced its conferees:
  • Sen. Tommy Williams – (R) Senate Finance Committee Chair
  • Sen. Robert Duncan – (R) Lubbock
  • Sen. Jane Nelson – (R) Flowermound
  • Sen. Juan ‘Chuy’ Hinojosa – (D) McAllen
  • Sen. John Whitmire – (D) Houston

House Bill 1025 is a supplemental appropriations bill that includes dipping $2 billion dollars into the Rainy Day Fund for water projects, as well as $200 million in education funding. Its passage is necessary for a final budget deal to be approved.

Questions over House support for the Senate version of the bill were raised, yesterday. Rep. Sylvester Turner vowed to vote the measure down if a provision calling for tax relief in the form of electricity bill rebates to low income families isn’t stripped from the bill in conference committee. Turner said the House never agreed to that provision.

On last night’s show, we asked Senate Finance Committee Chairman Tommy Williams if there was, in fact, a misunderstanding between the two chambers. “Not on my part,” Sen. Williams said. “And what I would say, this is what conference committees are for.”