With just hours to go before the end of the regular 83rd Texas Legislative Session, the Texas Senate has passed the 2014-2015 budget bill. Meanwhile, their colleagues in the House delayed their vote on the same measure until Sunday.

The Senate approved spending nearly 95 billion dollars in general revenue. That’s an 8 percent increase in the two-year budget, but less than the rate of population growth plus inflation.

Several other budget related bills must clear both chambers before the complicated budget package can be done.

The Texas House adjourned early Saturday. That leaves them with a slew of bills they must get done Sunday, including the budget bill, education measures and House Bill 1025, dealing with Rainy Day Fund money.

Many of those measures were still being hammered out in conference committees.

Saturday was also a chance for Governor Perry to show his power.

The Governor vetoed several bills lawmakers passed, including what’s become known as the ‘dark money’ disclosure bill. It would have required some politically active nonprofits to reveal who their contributors are.

In a statement, Perry said “Freedom of association and freedom of speech are two of our most important rights enshrined in the Constitution.” He goes on to say, “My fear is that SB 346 would have a chilling effect on both of those rights in our democratic political process.”

Perry’s veto likely kills the measure for this session.