Gov. Rick Perry is launching a second round of ads ahead of his trip to New York and Connecticut this weekend. Perry is headed to the Northeast for another job recruiting trip, similar to stops he’s already made in California and Chicago.

The $50,000 radio ad buy will air on nine radio stations this week. The ads feature Gov. Perry’s voice, urging New York businesses to move to Texas. Here’s an excerpt of the spot:

The “new” New York sounds a lot like the “old” New York.

Higher taxes. Stifling regulations. Bureaucrats telling you whether you can even drink a Big Gulp.

This is Texas Gov. Rick Perry, and there is a place where opportunity, freedom and innovation are flourishing, and that’s Texas.


The full ad, is below.

The radio ads will accompany several TV ads that are already airing. The commercials and Perry’s travel are being paid for by the group TexasOne. The governor says no tax dollars are being used for the initiative.