Texans would prefer a Ted Cruz run for President over a repeat of Gov. Perry’s 2012 bid. According to a new University of Texas / Texas Tribune Poll, 25 percent of people would vote for Sen. Cruz if the GOP primary was held today. Rand Paul ranked second at 13 percent followed by Marco Rubio with 11 percent. Perry came in fourth, with 10 percent support. It is worth noting that 21 percent of people said they didn’t know yet who their choice would be.

On the plus side for Perry, the same poll also shows he would beat Attorney General Greg Abbott in the gubernatorial primary race. Perry bested Abbott in that poll, Neither Perry nor Abbott has said yet if they plan to run. It seems a primary between the two would be unlikely, however. In January, Gov. Perry told WFAA-TV that if he sought reelection, Abbott would not challenge him. Perry has maintained that he will announce his plans after the legislative session ends. Abbott, it would appear, is waiting for Perry to make his plans public.