The head of the House Appropriations Committee has taken the first formal step to impeach University of Texas Regent Wallace Hall.

Rep. Jim Pitts (R-Waxahachie) filed a resolution today, directing the House speaker to initiate impeachment proceedings. The resolution accuses Hall of misrepresenting his “experience and qualifications” in order to get the job. In an interview with Capital Tonight, Rep. Pitts said Hall failed to inform legislators of potential business conflicts when he applied for the regent position, an offense that could potentially violate state criminal code relating to falsified government documents.

If lawmakers approve the resolution, the next step is for House Speaker Joe Straus to convene an impeachment committee, which would operate during the interim.

Pitts has accused Hall of engaging in a “witch hunt” against UT Austin president Bill Powers. Hall has requested hundreds of pages of documents related to Powers, including personal emails. In a statement released Friday, Gov. Rick Perry suggested Hall’s efforts were to reveal lawmakers’ attempts to request “admission to the UT law school on behalf of others.”

Gov. Perry appointed Hall in 2011. State law allows the House to move on certain impeachments, without the governor’s approval.