Sen. Wendy Davis’ filibuster has now entered its 10th hour. Davis took to the microphone at 11:18 a.m. to speak against Senate Bill 5. She is attempting to hold the floor until midnight — the official end of the special session — in an effort to kill the legislation for good.

Under Senate rules, Davis is prohibited from eating, drinking or taking a bathroom break. Davis is also required to stand at her desk without sitting or leaning and cannot have assistance from other senators. Other members have been allowed to ask questions and Democrats have been using parliamentary procedure to give Davis a few short breaks.

If Davis violates those rules three times, the Senate can vote to end the filibuster. So far, Davis is on strike two. The first point of order came when Republicans claimed Davis’ remarks about Planned Parenthood funding strayed too far off topic. The second was upheld when Sen. Tommy Williams raised a point of order after Sen. Rodney Ellis helped Davis put on a back brace to help ease her discomfort. Lawmakers voted that Davis had broken the rules by accepting help from a colleague. Davis has since ceased yielding for questions.

Davis’ filibuster has gained national media attention, even garnering a tweet from President Barack Obama’s Twitter account, saying “Something special is happening in Austin #StandWithWendy.”