As the Texas Senate remains caucusing behind closed doors, Planned Parenthood is declaring victory in the fight to block an omnibus abortion bill on the floor, Tuesday.

Sen. Wendy Davis filibustered the proposed legislation for more than 10 hours, before Republican lawmakers used Senate rules in an attempt to stop the delay and move the bill forward. A vote took place sometime around midnight, amid loud protests and chants from hundreds of pro-choice supporters in Senate gallery. Confusion ensued over whether or not the vote actually took place before the 12:00 deadline.

While the official fate remains unknown, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards issued this statement, declaring SB5 dead, for now:

“What has happened here in Texas over the course of the last week is nothing short of remarkable.  Facing near-impossible odds, thousands of Texans descended on Austin to make their voices heard – telling their legislators that they would not stand for legislation that would hurt thousands of women and essentially end access to safe, legal abortion.  Tonight, Texans won.

“Governor Perry knew all along he couldn’t pass this bill by the books.  He and his allies resorted to shutting down the debate, blocking testimony from the very women whose lives would be affected, voting in the middle of the night, and employing cheap tricks to try shut down a heroic filibuster by Senator Wendy Davis.

“This fight showed once again that we are all better off when women and their doctors – not politicians – are the ones making medical decisions. We made history tonight, but we know this isn’t the end of the fight to protect women’s access to health care in Texas. We thank State Senator Wendy Davis and every other legislator who stood up for women, and we urge Governor Perry and his allies to focus on the issues that Texans want them to address, and leave the medical decision-making to women and their doctors.

“Tonight, we sent a message to Governor Perry and every politician who wants to interfere in women’s medical decisions: Enough is enough. With every attack, Governor Perry and his friends are creating a new generation of activists, and changing this state forever.”