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Capital Tonight: Strategies and slip-ups as parties seek out voters

Low Voter Turnout

A new report released by the Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life shows Texas ranks near the bottom when it comes to voter turnout. It’s a fact both Republicans and Democrats say they’re working to change, but the process comes with its share of missteps.

View from Round Rock

State Representative Larry Gonzales joined us to talk about redistricting, roads and a new move by the Department of Transportation to save money.

Capital Commentators

Plus, our Capital Commentators weighed in on a controversial statement made by a Dallas-area Tea Party activist about the Republican Party’s standing with African American voters.

House lays out redistricting hearing schedule

There is no question lawmakers will take their time tackling Gov. Rick Perry’s special session redistricting call. Gov. Perry called lawmakers back for a special session to ratify the court-drawn redistricting interim maps. Instead, lawmakers in both chambers have announced plans to hold public hearings across the state.

House Redistricting Committee Chair Rep. Drew Darby (R-San Angelo) laid out the schedule today, on the House floor.

The dates are:

  • Dallas – Thursday, June 6
  • San Antonio – Monday, June 10
  • Houston – Wednesday, June 12
Senator Ken Seliger said the Senate plans to hold hearings around the state, as well.