A standoff over transportation funding appears to be over. Friday, lawmakers reached a deal that will funnel about $845 million dollars into future road projects. The Senate and House had been at odds over how best to come up with that money, without raising taxes or fees.

The final deal is similar to the plan already passed by the Texas Senate. It would divert half the oil and gas production revenue that currently goes into the Rainy Day Fund into transportation.

The major sticking point during negotiations had been over whether the Rainy Day Fund should have a minimum balance, meaning the funding for roads would dry up if the fund dropped below a certain level. In the deal worked out today, the Legislative Budget Board would manage that detail.

Of course, the entire deal is dependent on the voters. They would have to approve a constitutional amendment to make the changes. As part of the deal, lawmakers agreed to push that vote until November, 2014. Voters will already be casting ballots on another constitutional amendment this year to fund water.

The House and Senate are set to reconvene on Monday to approve the deal.