Transportation funding went off course once again Monday, after House lawmakers failed to pass a last-minute compromise.

The proposal would funnel half of the money generated from oil and gas production revenue to the State Highway Fund, instead of to the Rainy Day Fund. The main point of contention was whether a “trigger mechanism” should be put in place that would end the diversion for roads if the emergency fund fell below a minimum balance. Some House lawmakers want that balance set in stone before they agree to any bill, while others want to allow the Legislative Budget Board, which is made up of state political leaders, to decide periodically.

Minutes after the vote, we spoke with Rep. Joe Pickett about what went wrong and what he’d like to see from the governor heading into the next session.


With the prospect of a third special session in sight, many lawmakers would rather be out on the campaign trail. The Quorum Report‘s Harvey Kronberg joined us to look ahead.


The Texas House Committee on Transparency is moving forward with hearings that could lead to an impeachment of a UT Regent. A resolution filed in the House alleges that Wallace Hall Junior broke state law by not revealing potential business conflicts when he applied for the position. The same measure also says the regent is abusing his authority by making unnecessary open records requests targeting UT President Bill Powers.

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