The third special session has officially begun, and transportation might not be the only item on the agenda. Many lawmakers are pushing once again to get money for state colleges for construction projects, known as Tuition Revenue Bonds, on the call. But another college-related bill might also be thrown into the mix — one that could be a bit more divisive.


Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr. was the lone Democrat who voted in favor of stricter abortion measures during the second special session. Now he wants women who are seeking an abortion to first go through an adoption course. It’s a measure he hopes will help more women choose to carry their baby to term, but others say it’s just another added stress on an already stressful situation.


The last day of the second legislative session saw nearly two dozen House members missing and a shortfall in votes for transportation funding. Many of those absent were excused on the grounds of “important business in the district.,” a motion that has become increasingly common as the summer drags on.

We spoke to former lawmakers Aaron Peña and Sherri Greenberg about the politics of a part-time legislature.