Immigration reform may be stuck in Washington, but some Texans are working to get things moving again.

A group formed by the Bipartisan Policy Center released an opinion piece Thursday calling for any compromise to include a pathway to citizenship. The so-called Immigration Task Force includes former housing secretary and San Antonio native Henry Cisneros, as well as former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell, former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice and former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour.

In Thursday’s show, we looked at where the group hopes to lead the discussion, and what community organizers in Central Texas want to see.


The Obama administration is awarding money to Texas-based nonprofits to help inform the public about coverage options under the Affordable Care Act. The move has drawn criticism from Attorney General Greg Abbot, who joined 13 other attorneys general in a letter to the department of Health and Human Services citing privacy concerns.


And Senator Ted Cruz is returning to the Lone Star State, as part of an anti-Obamacare tour.
Our Capital Commentators joined us to weigh in on that story and more.