Gov. Rick Perry has named the three people who will replace the six, current members of the state’s Water Development Board.

Carlos Rubinstein, Bech Bruun and Mary Ann Williamson will serve full-time starting next month, with Rubinstein serving as chair. Each of the members currently holds a different government post, and all were previously appointed or hired by Perry. Rubinstein has served on the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality since 2009; Bruun works in the governor’s office as the Director of Governmental Appointments; and Williamson has been a board member of the Texas Lottery Commission since 2008 and now serves as chair.

“The new board will provide leadership, planning, and financial and technical assistance for the responsible development of water for Texas,” Perry’s statement said.

The change was set in motion with the passage of House Bill 4, which calls for “active, full-time governance” from the board. The bill is also part of a larger funding plan that includes Senate Joint Resolution 1, which is set to go before voters in November.

The board is currently made up of six members serving six-year, staggered terms. Each of those terms will come to an early end on September 1, when the new appointments take effect.