A University of Texas regent who has come under fire from the Texas legislature is responding, via his legal counsel, with accusations of “secret favoritism” and “systemic inflation” of donations at UT.

The accusations came out in a letter sent from UT Regent Wallace Hall’s lawyers to the co-chairs of the House Select Committee on Transparency in State Agency Operations. The committee was formed after Hall requested thousands of pages of documents from the University of Texas. Rep. Jim Pitts has called the request a “witch hunt” and an attempt to bring down UT president Bill Powers. Pitts has also filed a resolution to impeach Regent Hall over what he calls “misrepresentation of material facts” in Hall’s application.

In the letter, Hall’s lawyers dispute Pitts’ claims and defend the information requests, saying they hope to tell the whole story during impeachment proceedings. The letter also accuses UT leadership of the following:

  • Secret favoritism in compensation for male faculty through the UT Law School Foundation
  • Favoritism in admissions on behalf of Texas legislators
  • Systemic inflation and misreporting of donations to the university
  • An overall lack of transparency

Hall is asking to be able to treat any impeachment proceedings like a court trial. He’s asking to be represented by legal counsel, for the ability to call and question witnesses and to subpoena witnesses and request documents.