The fight over federal health care law came to Texas Wednesday, and a group of Tea Party activists sought to lead the charge. On Wednesday’s show, we got their perspective on the split over strategy between Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn and looked at why a new poll could wind up shifting the debate.

Meanwhile, another health law continues to draw scrutiny. Lawmakers passed a divisive set of abortion restrictions during the summer’s second special session. Wednesday, Department of State Health Services met to decide on the best way to implement the law, and to hear from the dozens of people who signed up to testify.


Republican Eric Opiela is hoping to be the new face of the Texas Department of Agriculture, but he has to face off against Rep. Brandon Creighton in the primary election first. We spoke one-on-one with the rancher and attorney about water issues, land rights and more.


Plus, it’s been 50 years since the March on Washington helped change the American conscience. Our Washington bureau reporter looked at what civil rights leaders and the president had to say about racial equality today.