Delays that plagued the 2012 primary elections won’t be a factor in 2014, thanks to a recent court order.

A San Antonio court has allowed the redistricting maps approved by the Texas legislature this summer to be used for the 2014 election cycle, meaning the March 4 primaries will take place as scheduled.

The court order came down Friday afternoon. In it, the three-judge panel explains that there isn’t enough time to complete their review before the 2014 elections. That means that the redistricting maps approved in the first special session of the 83rd Legislature will stand, for now. Those maps are minor variations on the ones approved by the court for use in the 2012 primaries for both Texas House and U.S. Congressional districts.

However, the judges have made it clear that the legal issues that brought the maps before the court in the first place will not be dropped. The redistricting maps passed by a Republican-led legislature in 2011 drew lawsuits from Hispanic, African American and Democratic groups under the Voting Rights Act. The court order asserts that the plaintiffs’ case has not been settled, and that the judge’s final decision could affect future legislative action:

“The fact that the Legislature has adopted the Court’s interim plans in an attempt to curb this particular litigation is no assurance that it will not engage in the same conduct in the next legislative session or any session thereafter.”

A ruling by the Supreme Court this year invalidated the part of the Voting Rights Act that submits Texas to preclearance for changes to election law. However, the U.S. Department of Justice has joined in the lawsuit over redistricting and wants Texas to continue to have changes to voting laws approved by the federal government.

Attorney General Greg Abbott’s office issued a statement shortly after the court’s decision was announced. It reads:

“We are pleased that the court agreed to allow the 2014 elections to proceed on time using the new maps drawn by the Legislature. That certainty benefits all Texans.

“The State will continue to respond in court to the unwarranted challenges to the new maps by the Obama administration and various plaintiff groups. Texas has prevailed each time the redistricting litigation has reached the U.S. Supreme Court and remains confident that the Legislature’s maps will be vindicated, either at the San Antonio federal district court or at the Supreme Court, if necessary.”