Sen. Ted Cruz made good on a promise to stand against the Affordable Care Act Tuesday, beginning a speech on the Senate floor that could stretch until well past midnight. It’s an effort to use a must-pass spending bill to strip funding from the president’s health care law.

In Tuesday’s Capital Tonight, we checked in on the delay tactic and looked at what the long-term repercussions could be with political analysts Harold Cook and Ted Delisi.


New data from the PEW Research Center shows fewer people are living in the U.S. illegally now than in 2007. The downward trend also holds true for five states that have 60 percent or more of the undocumented immigrant population, but not for Texas. We spoke to immigration expert Terri Givens about why Texas might be bucking the national trend.


The 83rd legislative session is behind us, and the Center for Politics and Governance at UT’s LBJ School is taking a closer look and what happened and why. We sat down with the center’s director, Sherri Greenberg, to talk about the forum