Most Texans support legalizing marijuana for adults, according to a Public Policy Polling survey released Tuesday. The poll shows 58 percent of registered voters are in favor of legalizing the drug, taxing it and regulating it like alcohol. That is compared to 38 percent who said they are opposed.

The poll also shows a majority of Texans support relaxing criminal penalties for people who are caught with less than one ounce in their possession. Of those polled, 61 percent said they would be in favor of replacing criminal penalties with civil offenses punishable by a $100 fine. Thirty percent said they were opposed.

“Marijuana prohibition has been just as big a failure as alcohol prohibition,” said Marijuana Policy Project executive director Rob Kampia. “Most Texans agree that marijuana sales should be conducted by legitimate businesses instead of drug cartels in the underground market.”

Kampia, who was a guest on Capital Tonight earlier this year, has supported measures in the Texas legislature to eliminate jail time for minor offenses. That legislation failed to gain any traction last session.