A Texas House panel has begun hearing witness testimony in an investigation that could lead to the first impeachment of a non-elected official in state history. The transparency committee is investigating University of Texas Regent Wallace Hall, following accusations from lawmakers that he overstepped the authority of his office in an effort to oust UT Austin President Bill Powers.

Meanwhile, a hearing of a different sort continued in federal court. Women’s health groups are suing the state to stop the enforcement of some provisions of a new, stricter abortion law.


Both cases tie into longstanding political battles — whether it’s abortion, the upcoming governor’s race or the power struggle over UT Austin’s leadership. Our Capital Commentators, Harold Cook and Ted Delisi, joined us to talk about the larger implications.



New unemployment numbers are out from the Labor Department, and while they show slight improvement, many economists worry they’re a sign of a sluggish economy. Plus, our Washington bureau checks in on impending cuts to food stamp programs.