The U.S. Senate has moved closer to passing a bipartisan budget deal that was approved by the House last week. The agreement replaces $45 billion worth of automatic spending cuts known as the sequester by raising fees and making members of the military contribute more to their pensions.

In Tuesday’s Capital Tonight, we spoke to a member of one veterans’ group, who says the cuts shouldn’t be put on the backs of those who have served.


A University of Texas system regent who faces possible impeachment has announced he won’t testify as expected this week. Lawyers for UT Regent Wallace Hall sent a letter to the committee investigating Hall, saying he won’t testify due to confusion about lawmakers’ intentions.


Criminal justice reform has been a big topic for political leaders lately.

Earlier this year, the justice department announced it would stop pursuing mandatory minimum sentences for certain nonviolent drug offenders. And here in Texas, experts with the Right on Crime initiative have been making their case for less spending on prisons and more treatment for drug addiction.

We spoke to former State Representative Ray Allen, who spearheaded some of the same ideas back in 2003 in an effort to cut costs.