Texas Comptroller Susan Combs released a new report on the economic impact of the drought, Tuesday. The 24-page Texas Water Report: Going Deeper For The Solution explains the state’s struggle to keep up with water demands as the population grows. The report projects a massive shift from agricultural water usage to municipal water usage over the next 50 years and emphasizes the need for conservation and new ways to create reliable sources of drinking water.

Combs praised the passage of Proposition 6, which will draw $2 million from the state’s rainy day fund for water projects, but says it is just a step toward assuring the state’s future water supply. The report recommends $50 million in additional water funding, which would have to be approved by the state legislature. Half of that money would go toward a grant program to help water authorities and other major users improve efficiency and reduce waste. The other $25 million would establish a prize framework to award research dollars for successful innovative water technology.

“Like the new approaches in Texas energy production, we need a revolution in water technology,” Combs said. “We need a breakthrough in this field, and some of our state funding should be used for innovative technologies which increase conservation.”

On Wednesday, Comptroller Combs will be a guest on Capital Tonight to talk more about the drought’s economic impact on the state.