The David Dewhurst campaign reports it raised $2.3 million in the second half of 2013, a number that puts Dewhurst slightly above two of his competitors in fundraising.

But when it comes to cash on hand, Dewhurst is at the back of the pack. Both Todd Staples and Dan Patrick currently claim $3.1 million in the bank, compared to the $1.4 million total Dewhurst announced today. (Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, who is also running for lieutenant governor, has not released totals yet.)

It’s not clear yet how much the Dewhurst team has spent, but the campaign has released a steady series of ads since the lieutenant governor’s official announcement for re-election, with at least one airing nationally. The campaign has also been hampered by an alleged embezzlement scandal, in which a former campaign manager is accused of stealing more that $2 million.