A former teen criminal, a judge and a UT researcher were just three of the people who testified before a meeting of the House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee Tuesday, all in an effort to answer one question: What’s the appropriate age to treat teens as adults when they commit crimes in Texas?

In Tuesday’s Capital Tonight, we heard the evidence lawmakers are considering, including testimony from one young man who has seen the system firsthand


UT Senior Lecturer Michele Deitch was one of the experts asked to testify at Tuesday’s hearing. She joined us in-studio to talk about her research on juvenile offenders, teenage brain development and the potential upfront costs of raising the age a person enters the adult justice system from 17 to 18.

Our Capital Commentators, Harold Cook and Ted Delisi, also weighed in on the issue from a political standpoint.


The fight over faith and federal mandates has made it all the way to the Supreme Court, in a case that pits the arts-and-crafts store Hobby Lobby against the federal government and the Affordable Care Act. We checked in on the latest from Washington on a case that could define religious freedom for years to come.