Updated to include Democratic response.

Gov. Rick Perry is inviting New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to an economic debate. He issued the challenge during his latest trip to the Empire State. Speaking on Fred Dicker’s talk radio program, Perry said he would welcome a “thoughtful conversation” with Cuomo about jobs, taxes and education. He said,

“A debate between the governors of two of the largest states in the country on policy issues such as taxes, government spending, education, regulations and legal reform would be beneficial to our states and our country as a whole. 

In regard to new economic policies aimed at making New York a more business friendly place, Perry was dismissive of the steps taken so far under Cuomo’s leadership. Some of those programs include START-UP NY; which offers tax free status for certain kinds of businesses. Perry said,

“I will say in New York’s credit, they’ve moved in the right direction. According to the tax foundation, they were the number 50. Last place when it came to total tax burden And now they’ve but some changes into place that moved them up to 48. I mean, that’s small ball, but of course there was only one direction you could go in New York.”

Perry is in New York City until Thursday. It’s another visit to lure jobs to Texas. Perry’s office says the governor will meet privately with business leaders and will attend a reception hosted by the group TexasOne.

Americans for Economic Freedom, which is a PAC formed with money left over from Gov. Perry’s failed presidential run,  released a new ad to coincide with the governor’s visit. It calls New York the “most unfriendly state for business.” You can watch it, below.


Gov. Andrew Cuomo has not responded to Perry’s request. Danny Kanner with the Democratic Governor’s Association issued this statement, making reference to Perry’s now infamous presidential debate blunder:

“A little free advice for Rick Perry: the fewer debates with anyone, the better. Oops!”