Gov. Rick Perry might be on a mission to lure New York businesses to Texas, but he is also sounding very much like a potential presidential candidate while he does it. Gov. Perry is meeting with business leaders in an attempt to convince them to relocate to Texas.

While Perry spent plenty of time touting Texas’ low taxes and business-friendly climate, he made a point to say his mission is more about healthy competition among states.

“There’s more to this than just me pitching Texas,” he said. “It’s for this country to have a conversation about competition between the states.”

Gov. Perry was also quick to criticize the current White House administration. He said, “When we look at Washington, and we see this absolutely stalemated corrosive process up there, and we see the economy of this country somewhat dead in its tracks, then a good thoughtful conversation about states putting programs into place and competing against each other.” 

Perry did not shy away from a few backhanded compliments. He congratulated New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on his new tax incentive plan, while at the same time calling it ‘small ball.’ He also was not shy about taking some of the credit for a new New York ad campaign encouraging businesses to move to New York.