May 12 could prove to be a fateful day for UT Regent Wallace Hall. That’s when state lawmakers say they’ll vote on whether or not to recommend Hall’s impeachment. Thursday, a House panel met for the first time since a draft report on Hall’s efforts to oust UT President Bill Powers was released.

Lawmakers met behind closed doors most of the time, but in Thursday’s Capital Tonight, we spoke to Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer for some insight into what action the committee is considering next.


More behind-the-scenes negotiations are coming to light about Governor Perry’s veto of Public Integrity Unit Funding. Political strategists Harold Cook and Ted Delisi weighed in on what the latest twist could mean.


In a move that could radically change how Internet content is delivered, the Federal Communications Commission is proposing new rules giving online providers the right to charge more for so-called “fast lanes” into your home or office. We checked in on the latest from Washington on what the change could mean.