Texans take their hot sauce seriously. And so, apparently, do its lawmakers. A so-called “Sriracha Delegation” is headed to California, in an effort to “bring the heat” home.

The Sriracha saga started when residents of the California town of Irwindale began complaining that the chili fumes from the factory were burning their eyes and causing coughing fits. Now, the company’s future is uncertain, as the city council contemplates declaring the factory a public nuisance.

That’s where Texas Rep. Jason Villalba comes in. He and other state leaders have invited Sriracha to relocate to Texas, where there are fewer regulations. Now, they are taking their offensive on the road. They will meet with the company’s CEO and tour the facility on May 12 to make their pitch in person.

“I am astonished and dismayed by the recent actions of the Irwindale City Council to further hinder the operations of local small business, Huy Fong Foods,” Villalba said. “As a long-time fan of Sriracha, I am deeply troubled that one of the fastest growing and universally beloved condiments in the world – made right here in the USA – could face such blatant obstructionism by a local city government.”

Villalba will be joined by Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples and one of Attorney General Greg Abbott’s top aides, as will the state’s Director of Business Development, Jose Romano.