Republican lieutenant governor candidate Sen. Dan Patrick says claims that he dodged the draft during the Vietnam War are false and he is demanding an apology from runoff opponent Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst.

Questions over Patrick’s war service were raised during a press conference with Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson earlier Thursday. Patterson, who is endorsing Dewhurst, made the case that based on the draft lottery system and Patrick’s date of birth, he would have been called into service.

Patrick said Thursday that he was drafted in 1972. However, he was deemed medically ineligible due to childhood injuries. Patrick reportedly suffered from bone cysts and had broken his right leg twice. He says he also suffered a serious knee injury while playing high school sports.

“While I greatly appreciate the military service of both David Dewhurst and Jerry Patterson, the fact that they would attempt to smear me, and question my patriotism, is reprehensible.” Patrick said. “These men have no honor; they know no shame.”