DPS officers have been sent to the border and National Guard troops are on the way. Now, lawmakers are taking a moment to figure out whether the extra manpower is making a difference.

In Tuesday’s Capital Tonight, we heard from the state agencies involved in stepping up enforcement at the border, plus we got an update on the total cost of DPS and National Guard operations.


Greg Abbott’s team is hitting Wendy Davis again on out-of-state fundraising, but the Davis camp is quick to fire back with the charge of hypocrisy. Our Capital Commentators weighed in on the latest flare-up in the governor’s race.


Plus, Texas filmmaker Andrew Richey joined us to talk about a new documentary called “CODE BLACK,” which he co-produced. It’s a fast-paced look at one of the country’s busiest ERs and a behind-the-scenes take on the bureaucratic reality that comes with saving lives.