While National Guard troops continue to train at Camp Swift, the head of one group of border business leaders says leave them where they are.

The president of the McAllen Chamber of Commerce, Steve Ahlenius, wrote an open letter to Gov. Rick Perry this week. He’s asking the governor to reconsider his decision to send 1,000 troops to the border, saying they’re not needed. Ahlenius points out that the number of children crossing over has dropped since June, and he argues that the money could be better spent on things like local law enforcement and increased surveillance technology.

Ahlenius also argues the decision is bad for local business, saying:

“Additionally, deploying the Guard to the border sends the wrong image to 200 South Korean and Japanese companies who are considering moving manufacturing facilities to McAllen.”

Nearly 60,000 unaccompanied children have crossed the border from Central America since October. The governor says National Guard troops won’t be authorized to arrest anyone crossing illegally. But he says they’ll assist border patrol by deterring immigrants and by referring border crimes to the Department of Public Safety.