Governor Rick Perry will not be required to attend an October 13 pretrial hearing. However, a judge today denied Perry’s request to be excused from all non-evidentiary pretrial hearings. Instead, Judge Bert Richardson said Gov. Perry would have to file separate motions raising the issue on a hearing-by-hearing basis.

Special Prosecutor Michael McCrum had argued that Gov. Perry’s presence should be required at all hearings, and offered to reschedule the October 13 hearing to accommodate the governor’s previously planned trip to Europe. The judge declined to reschedule that status conference hearing. 

Gov. Perry is charged with two felonies stemming from a 2013 line-item budget veto. A grand jury found reason to indict Perry for abusing his power when he threatened to cut funding to the Travis County Public Integrity Unit. Perry justified the threat – and the veto – saying the public lost confidence in District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg’s ability to lead the unit, following her drunk driving conviction.