U.S. Sen. John Cornyn is joining a rising chorus of Republicans outraged by Sen. Wendy Davis’ new attack ad. The ad focuses on a multi-million dollar settlement Republican Greg Abbott collected after an accident left him wheelchair-bound. It calls into question cases where Davis alleges Abbott fought against victims in similar situations.

Sen. Cornyn Friday called on the Davis campaign to pull the ad. He issued this statement:

“Everyone knows that politics can be a tough business but sometimes certain things are way over the line and running an attack ad on a serious medical accident suffered by your opponent is one of them. It’s my hope that Wendy Davis will immediately remove this ad from the airwaves and apologize to Attorney General Abbott because this line of attack has no place in civilized political discourse.”

Cornyn also called attention to a Washington Post article, calling the ad “one of the nastiest campaign ads you will ever see.”