Texas House Speaker Joe Straus has named his leadership for the new legislative session. He announced the House Committees and Committee Chairs Wednesday.

In all, there are 27 Republicans and 12 Democrats leading the 39 committees, with thirteen minorities and nine women in chair positions. Republican John Otto, who has served in the house since 2005, will lead the House Appropriations Committee, which is responsible for outlining the chamber’s budget.

Straus also launched a new committee, Juvenile Justice and Family Issues, and two new select committees: The House Select Committee on Emerging Issues in Texas Law Enforcement and The House Select Committee on State and Federal Power and Responsibility.

This means both chambers have established leadership. Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick announced the committees for the State Senate a few weeks ago. Below is the list of committee chairs and vice-chairs. For the full list, click here.

Agriculture & Livestock:

CHAIR: King, Tracy (D)
VICE-CHAIR: Anderson, Charles “Doc” (R)


CHAIR: Otto, John (R)
VICE-CHAIR: Turner, Sylvester (D)

Business & Industry

CHAIR: Oliveira, René (D)
VICE-CHAIR: Simmons, Ron (R)


CHAIR: Hunter, Todd (R)
VICE-CHAIR: Lucio III, Eddie (D)


CHAIR: Murphy, Jim (R)
VICE-CHAIR: White, James (R)

County Affairs

CHAIR: Coleman, Garnet (D)
VICE-CHAIR: Farias, Joe (D)

Criminal Jurisprudence

CHAIR: Herrero, Abel
VICE-CHAIR: Moody, Joseph

Culture, Recreation & Tourism

CHAIR: Guillen, Ryan (D)
VICE-CHAIR: Dukes, Dawnna (D)

Defense & Veterans’ Affairs

CHAIR: King, Susan (R)
VICE-CHAIR: Frank, James (R)

Economic & Small Business Development

CHAIR: Button, Angie Chen (R)
VICE-CHAIR: Johnson, Eric (D)


CHAIR: Laubenberg, Jodie (R)
VICE-CHAIR: Goldman, Craig (R)

Energy Resources

CHAIR: Darby, Drew (R)
VICE-CHAIR: Paddie, Chris (R)

Environmental Regulation

CHAIR: Morrison, Geanie (R)
VICE-CHAIR: Rodriguez, Eddie (D)

General Investigating & Ethics

CHAIR: Kuempel, John
VICE-CHAIR: Collier, Nicole

Government Transparency & Operation

CHAIR: Elkins, Gary (R)
VICE-CHAIR: Walle, Armando (D)

Higher Education

CHAIR: Zerwas, John (R)
VICE-CHAIR: Howard, Donna (D)

Homeland Security & Public Safety

CHAIR: Phillips, Larry
VICE-CHAIR: Nevárez, Poncho

House Administration

CHAIR: Geren, Charlie (R)
VICE-CHAIR: Márquez, Marisa (D)

Human Services

CHAIR: Raymond, Richard Peña (D)
VICE-CHAIR: Rose, Toni (D)


CHAIR: Frullo, John (R)
VICE-CHAIR: Muñoz, Jr., Sergio (D)

International Trade & Intergovernmental Affairs

CHAIR: Anchia, Rafael (D)
VICE-CHAIR: Lozano, J. M. (R)

Investments & Financial Services

CHAIR: Parker, Tan (R)
VICE-CHAIR: Longoria, Oscar (D)

Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence

CHAIR: Smithee, John (R)
VICE-CHAIR: Farrar, Jessica (D)

Juvenile Justice & Family Issues

CHAIR: Dutton, Jr., Harold (D)
VICE-CHAIR: Riddle, Debbie (R)

Land & Resource Management

CHAIR: Deshotel, Joe (D)
VICE-CHAIR: Thompson, Ed (R)

Licensing & Administrative Procedures

CHAIR: Smith, Wayne (R)
VICE-CHAIR: Gutierrez, Roland (D)

Local & Consent Calendars

CHAIR: Thompson, Senfronia (D)
VICE-CHAIR: Clardy, Travis (R)

Natural Resources

CHAIR: Keffer, Jim (R)
VICE-CHAIR: Ashby, Trent (R)


CHAIR: Flynn, Dan (R)
VICE-CHAIR: Alonzo, Roberto (D)

Public Education

CHAIR: Aycock, Jimmie Don (R)
VICE-CHAIR: Allen, Alma (D)

Public Health

CHAIR: Crownover, Myra (R)
VICE-CHAIR: Naishtat, Elliott (D)


CHAIR: Lozano, J. M. (R)
VICE-CHAIR: Davis, Yvonne (D)

Rules & Resolutions

CHAIR: McClendon, Ruth Jones (D)
VICE-CHAIR: Kacal, Kyle (R)

Special Purpose Districts

CHAIR: Miller, Doug (R)
VICE-CHAIR: Alvarado, Carol (D)

State Affairs

CHAIR: Cook, Byron ((R)
VICE-CHAIR: Giddings, Helen (D)


CHAIR: Pickett, Joe (D)
VICE-CHAIR: Martinez, Armando (D)

Urban Affairs

CHAIR: Alvarado, Carol (D)
VICE-CHAIR: Hunter, Todd (R)

Ways & Means

CHAIR: Bonnen, Dennis (R)
VICE-CHAIR: Davis, Yvonne (D)

House Select Committee on Emerging Issues in Texas Law Enforcement

CHAIR: Fletcher, Allen (R)

VICE-CHAIR: Dukes, Dawnna

House Select Committee on State and Federal Power and Responsibility

CHAIR: King, Phil (R)

VICE-CHAIR: Workman, Paul