The 84th Legislature ends in just three days. Here’s what’s going on at the Capitol today:

We’ll know by the end of they day how the state plans to spend taxpayer money for the next two years. After a brief challenge in the House, both chambers began debate this morning on House Bill 1, the general appropriations bill. The conference committee set the budget at $209.4 billion, $2.9 billion below the spending limit. It includes a plan to increase accountability for the border security funding by requiring regular confidential reports on DPS trooper and National Guard numbers to the Legislative Budget Board. And it includes another much-anticipated provision: $50 million in funding for a matching funds grant to help police cover the cost of body cameras for officers. The Senate has already given approval to the plan. We’ll have much more coverage on this budget throughout the day.

That’s not the only thing expected to come up at the Legislature today. Today is the last day for the House to act on Senate amendments. The open carry bill, House Bill 910, could get a vote as early as today. The highly-scrutinized legislation allows concealed handgun license owners to openly display their handguns in public. Lawmakers from both chambers announced a deal yesterday removing a controversial amendment, that was staunchly opposed by police groups, that would have prohibited law enforcement from stopping people who have a gun to ask if they have a license. Supporters of that provision had argued that constitutes an illegal search and seizure, while critics argued it would prevent police officers from being able to adequately protect the public. We’re also expecting an announcement soon on the campus carry bill, Senate Bill 11. The bill’s author said yesterday he’d be willing to allow an amendment that would let schools set up gun-free zones on campus. It’s a major concession supported by campus and police officials, who said this bill would make campuses less safe. Lawmakers are still at odds over a proposal to include private campuses in this legislation. Gun rights advocates argued students’ Second Amendment rights should be protected when they are on a university campus.

For more on all of these stories, check out tonight’s episode of “Capital Tonight.” We’re joined by Rep. Lloyd Doggett (U.S. House District 35), who represents Austin and much of the I-35 corridor in Congress. We’ll talk about the federal government’s responsibility to help flood victims. Plus, Bob Garrett with the Dallas Morning News, Lauren McGaughy with the Houston Chronicle and Patrick Svitek with the Texas Tribune join our weekly reporter roundtable. Tune in tonight at 7 and 11 on Time Warner Cable News.