Sen. Bernie Sanders stopped by the Texas delegate breakfast Wednesday morning. His visit came the day after a tense exchange between his Texas backers and Hillary Clinton supporters. During Tuesday’s breakfast, a call for unity from Sanders’ camp quickly turned ugly when one of the delegates said he condemned Clinton as the nominee. While he later apologized, that scene has been the norm during the Democratic National Convention.

Sanders has tried to calm his followers down, and continued that work during the Texas breakfast.

He walked in to loud applause and a standing ovation. He then told the crowd that the movement continues.

“The function of an election is not just to win,” Sanders said. “The function of an election is to transform this country.”

Sanders then went on to warn the delegates of Donald Trump and why they must vote for Clinton in November.

“Donald Trump is the worst candidate in the modern history of this country,” Sanders said.

He added, “The cornerstone of his campaign is not economics. The cornerstone of his campaign is bigotry.”

Sanders also touted how he has teamed up with Clinton to make the Democratic Party more progressive.

He lost Texas to Clinton by more than 30 points and acknowledged that in his remarks saying, “I know we didn’t do great in Texas.”

But he listed off some fond memories of his time campaigning there and thanked the delegates who worked so hard to get him elected and who continued the movement.


Photos by Karina Kling

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(Youngest delegate in the nation, Clarissa Rodriguez, gives Sanders a sign with his Texas supporters signatures)